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retirement planning westminster retirement planning westminster retirement planning westminster

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Financial planning is the lifeblood of financial success. Unfortunately, it is oftentimes not given the attention it deserves. Many are overwhelmed, intimidated and unsure of where to start, some lack the time and focus this discipline requires, and most do not have the training or expertise in the financial field necessary to navigate its challenges and uncertain terrain.

Main Street Advisors, LLC has been helping individuals and families plan their finances for over 20 years. Whether you are just starting out, mid-way through your career with a focus on wealth accumulation, nearing retirement with questions regarding Social Security and retirement timeline, or are currently in retirement with a goal of preserving and protecting the wealth you’ve amassed, we can help!


Some of the financial planning areas we address include, but are not limited to:

Charitable giving/legacy planning

Investment planning


Social Security claiming strategies

Retirement planning


Risk Management

Cash Flow / Income Sourcing

The complex nature of these initiatives and the way in which they are interlinked causes each one to have a significant impact on the other, which requires a comprehensive solution tailored specifically to the individual client. To help us achieve this, we utilize one of the industry’s leading financial planning software programs, MoneyGuidePro®.

This enhanced solution gives us the ability to offer varying degrees of plans ranging from a more targeted perspective focusing on specific areas such as retirement planning or college planning to a more comprehensive approach, encompassing every area of your financial life. This tool affords our clients the ability to visually see the financial impact their decisions can have on their short and long-term goals, and ultimately overall financial future.

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MyBlocksSM is a digital, client engagement tool that breaks down key financial wellness topics into bite size modules called blocks. For example, younger clients can benefit from the “Fast Path to Financial Freedom” block, which focuses on key areas such as emergency fund planning, goal planning, credit card/debt pay-down strategies, goal planning and more.

The financial decisions you make today will have a tremendous impact on your ability to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and the future you have envisioned. Let an experienced advisor help you.

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