Education Planning

Education Planning Services in Carroll County, Maryland

What can I afford to contribute? What type of college savings vehicle should I use? Am I eligible for a tax break? What is the best way to manage my student loan debt? These are questions many families are asking. As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to have options and opportunities to explore and pursue their passions. Planning for their education early on will increase the chances of that becoming a reality. With the costs of secondary and higher education rising each year, families are looking for ways to act now.

At Main Street Advisors, LLC we help our clients estimate education expenses and explore funding alternatives now and for the future. We help design an investment strategy that specifically addresses the educational needs of your family. We analyze education funding options and their impact on your long-term financial plan.

Types of Education Savings Vehicles

  • Uniform Transfer to Minors Accounts (UTMA)
  • 529 investment plans
  • Prepaid college trust
  • 2503(c) trusts
  • Education IRAs

How We Can Help?

  • Explore the advantages of specific tuition plans and availability of tax credits, thereby optimizing your tax situation.
  • Utilize one of the industry’s leading financial planning software programs to generate answers to questions such as how much you need to save each year, what the average in state vs out-of-state tuition is, what the shortfall may be, what investment return is needed and more. We can run scenarios, projections, and evaluate performance.
  • Execute your strategy, monitor its progress, and make adjustments as necessary to help you stay on track.
  • Share resources within the education planning field.

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