The Fiduciary Difference

We always place a client’s interests first, and truly “step into your shoes” on every financial matter you encounter. These are more than words. Very few investment advisors or financial planning firms “step up” and take the responsibility a “fiduciary oath” conveys. Why should you care about this issue? We want you to believe unquestionably that we will always be on “your side” in any financial transaction or investment. The root of the word fiduciary is fides, which means trust or faith. The word fidelity shares the same root. A fiduciary is one who has power or discretion over someone else’s interest, especially his money. Along with the power bestowed upon a fiduciary comes an obligation to put the interests of the client, plan, or beneficiary first.

This is a major difference between our firm and the well-known national brokerage firms. Brokers for these firms are not fiduciaries because their first duty is to their employers. They will so advise you if you ask. Since they must place the interest of their employer above those of their clients, you can never be sure if the advice they give is purely in your own best interest. Would anyone, if given a choice, prefer an arrangement like that? We strongly believe that our business model is superior to others.

Selecting a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. An advisor must be responsive to your unique needs and be someone you can count on for years to come. Our clients come to us because they find that they lack at least one of the three necessities of handling money issues by themselves: time, desire, or ability. So we understand that we must strive to “step into their shoes“, financially speaking, and earn their trust. We believe in always placing the needs of our clients first, and that all matters of “money” require absolute honesty and integrity. We realize that the benefits our clients seek begin with – but do not end with – competence. They also demand convenience, respect, caring, and (once again) integrity.

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